June 12, 2018


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  •  JUNE DANCER ASSESSMENT & REGISTRATION DAYS ~  Drop-in or contact us ahead of time.  If you see a class you want but the time doesn’t work, please contact us for an alternative time.  These class time are only for the assessments and do not co-relate to the 2018/19 schedule.  Full Season Schedule will be posted June 20. 
    • June 20 
      • 5:00 – Jazz 5-9yrs / Modern 11-18yrs
      • 5:30 – Hip Hop 4-7
      • 6:00 – Acro 11-18yrs / Ballet 3-7 years
      • 7:00 – Tap 10-18yrs
      • 6:00 – Connectivity Crew  *New Program* All new and returning dancers welcome.  8yrs & up 
    • June 21
      • 5:00 Skipping 10yrs+ (adults welcome) / Jazz 4-8yrs / Ballet 4-8yrs
      • 5:30 – Tap 4-7yrs
      • 6:00 – Hip Hop 8-12 yrs / Acro 5-10yrs / Modern 7-12yrs
      • 7:00 – Tap Adult – 16+All levels, Beginners welcome
      • 7:00 – Connectivity Crew  *New Program* All new and returning dancers welcome. 8yrs & Up   


~ Calendar last updated June 19, 2018

  • FUNDRAISING  Fundraising is OPTIONAL and is offered to assist families with tuition fees.   Dance credits can be earned and can be applied to dance tuition, CDL dance wear, Competition fees Workshops and Intensives.
  • Click Here for upcoming Fundraisers


  • PERFORMANCE: Need Entertainment for your next Event?  Contact the Connectivity Crew OR Connectivity Skippers at director@connectivitydance.com
June 11, 2018

Welcome to Connectivity Dance Ltd

Confidence ~  Discipline ~  Love

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Dance is more than the exploring of  different ways to make a shape or learning a series of steps to music; it is a way of moving that uses the body as an instrument of expression and communication.









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June 10, 2018

Are you Registered?

2018/19 Season is open for Registration!

Please contact the studio if you require any assistance in finding a class

Online Registration is Open for:

Summer Of Dance Intensive Week

Skipping in the Sun Jump Rope Intensive Weekend

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Create your account in advance: Personal Dance Portal

Registration for Full Season classes is now open 

If you are not sure what to register in ~ Stop by the studio to speak with an instructor or create your online account and register for an assessment!

2015 Connectivity Dance Photos

June 9, 2018

Summer of Dance

Summer of Dance 2018



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