All classes provide an opportunity to learn the disciplines and expectations of the dance classroom. Listening and following simple sequences, learning patterns and choreography as well respecting and accepting others.  Classes incorporate movement patterns, which are both physically and developmentally age appropriate and most importantly provide a positive environment for learning and growth.

Baby Dance (9 months to 18 months) – Bonding with your baby and celebrating milestones in Fundamental movement.  The brain is informed through movement, it is an integral part of the learning process.  Come help your baby explore their natural movements and musical talents in the 30 minute parented session.

This class is not currently on our schedule, we provide special classes for “New Moms” groups and daycares, please contact the studio to arrange a session.

Dance Duet ( 18 months to 36 months) – A class just for toddlers!  Children along with parent/adult will enjoy this creative movement class.  Creative movement is a fun, mind-opening introduction to dance, based on the international recognized “Brain Dance” series created by Anne Green Gilbert as well as theories of Laban & modern dance movement.  Toddlers will explore dance dynamics through imaginery adventures and pretend play.  We will explore space, create shapes, learn rhythm and tempo and much more.  All this fun and some dance technique basics as well.


Just ME for 3’s (3-4 years) 10 weeks, 1/2 year or full year –   Children who are ready to dance without a parent will enjoy this creative movement/pre-dance class.  Children will continue to explore dance dynamics through concepts as well as set syllabus routine.  The “Brain Dance”  is continued and modifications are added as children successfully move through through the series.

The JUST ME series is offered for Ballet & Creative Movement

Creative Dance (3-5 years) – Creative movement is a fun, mind-opening introduction to dance. Classes are based on the BrainDance method and theories of Laban & Bartenieff Fundamental movement as well as modern dance.                                                                 



Students are placed based on a combination of  age, ability and maturity at the discretion of the instructors.  The level recommendations serve as a guide to begin the registration process.  Adjustments will be made where needed up to the last week of October.

MINI  1 ~ 3 to 5 years Beginner

MINI 2 ~ 4 to 5 years Experienced (minimum 1yr training)

MINI 3 ~ 4 to 5 years Advanced (1-2 yrs training)

PRIMARY 1  ~6 to 7 years Beginner

PRIMARY 2 ~ 6 to 8 years Experienced

PRIMARY 3 ~  7 to 8 years ~ Advanced/Competitive

NOVICE 1 ~ 8 to 11 years ~ Beginner

NOVICE 2 ~ 9 to 11 years ~ Experienced

NOVICE 3 ~  9 to 11 years ~ Advanced/Competitive

JUNIOR 1 ~ 11-15  years ~ Beginner to 2 years experience

JUNIOR 2 ~ 11 to 12 years ~ Experienced/Competitive Potential

JUNIOR 3 ~  12 to 13 years ~    Advanced/Competitive

INTERMEDIATE 1 ~ 13 to 17 years  Experienced

INTERMEDIATE 2 ~ 14 to 16 ~ Advanced/Competitive

SENIOR ~ advanced 16+ years

ACCELERATE ~ Dancers Primary 2 and higher with an evident desire, passion,  for ballet will be invited by instructor selection in March of 2018 to partake in graded syllabus examinations.  Exams are conducted by the Edmonton School of Ballet at the CDL studio in June.

Ballet Accelerate ~ Dancers are placed by assessment with the following guidelines

LEVEL 1 – Primary 2, Primary 3, Novice 1combined

LEVEL 2 – Novice 2, Novice 3, Junior 1 combined

LEVEL 3 – Junior 2, Junior 3 combined

LEVEL 4 – Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2 combined

LEVEL 5 – Senior  (Must complete this exam to qualify for Junior Teachers course)

Pre-Pointe – Junior 3, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2, Senior combined

Jazz Accelerate ~ Dancers are placed by assessment with the following guidelines

LEVEL 1 – Primary 3, Novice 2, Novice 3, Junior 1, Junior 2 combined

LEVEL 2 – Junior 3, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2, Senior combined

ADULT BEGINNER & ADVANCED – You asked so CDL is delivering…..not one, but TWO adult levels!  Revisit those childhood memories and dance to your heart’s content or challenge yourself to learn something new and find your groove. Offering Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop and Latin!


BALLET – Dancers will gain knowledge of basic ballet terms and continue to build their dance vocabulary each year.  Exercises based on the Cecchetti Method of Ballet will be learned with an emphasis on terminology and precision. Students in the upper levels who display the proper alignment and strength may enter the Pre-Pointe classes.

JAZZ – Jazz includes polyrhythmic movement based on isolation and syncopation combining  traditional jazz movement and new contemporary style.

TAP –Tap dance is a form of dance characterized by using the sound of one’s tap shoes hitting the floor as a percussive instrument. Two major variations on tap dance are rhythm (Jazz) tap and Broadway tap. Broadway tap focuses more on the dance and is generally  performed as a part of musical theater. Rhythm tap focuses more on musicality.  Within the  CDL tap program we use the Al Gilbert training syllabus.

ROTATION: This class gives dancers a bit of everything.  Perfect for the child who “loves to dance” but doesn’t know if they prefer tutus or tap shoes.  Genres are rotated every 8-10 weeks to give dancers the opportunity to try it all.

HIP HOP – This class provides an aerobic workout through choreography focusing on level changes, floor work, hard hitting hip hop elements and various styles and themes. Instructors are focused on precision and accuracy of the movements given. They will push their students to let loose and have fun with the hip hop choreography while maintaining the proper technique. With many different styles and dance combinations, Hip Hop is sure to please any dancer and any age.

MODERN/CONTEMPORARY – Evolving from an expressionist movement, modern (contemporary) dance refused classical ballet’s stress on feet as the primary catalyst for dance movements. Instead the various modern dance techniques put stress on the use of the torso, employing such elements as contact-release, floor work, fall and recovery, and improvisation. Graham, Limon and Evan’s Contemporary technique are the foundation of this program.

LYRICAL – Emphasizing a sense of balance and control with smooth flowing lines derived from jazz technique.  Students must also be taking ballet to support this style.  Lyrical dance is expressive, simultaneously subtle and dynamic, focused on conveying musicality and emotion through movement. It is a combination of intricate, highly technical, and pedestrian/naturalistic moves.

ACRO – The acrobatic movements performed in an acro dance are referred to as tricks. Various tricks are being commonly performed in competitive dance.  Acro levels vary widely in complexity and the skills required to perform them. Some skills that may be introduced or mastered throughout the season are Back layout, Back walkover, Cartwheel, Chest stand (chin stand), Elbow stand, Front aerial, Handstand, Roundoff.  Acro is a non-performance class, however skills which are mastered will be incorporated in other choreography.  Connectivity is a certified Acrobatic Arts school

LATIN FUSION –  Latin involves energetic dances that reflect the syncopated rhythm of the music being danced to. Learning the foundations of Latin including Salsa, Merengue &  Cha Cha Cha.  Blending with Hip Hop & Jazz Funk.

Questions?  Please let us know!

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