About Acrobatic Dance

Acrobatic Dance, or acro as it is commonly referred to by dancers and dance professionals, is the beautiful fusion of classic dance technique and the precision and athleticism of acrobatic elements.  Often defined by unique choreography, acro dancers seamlessly blend musicality, emotional expression, lines and extension with acrobatic movements in a dance context.

Acro’s roots are in traditional Chinese dance, later appearing as a favoured style on the Vaudeville stage.  More recently, acro gained popularity with the wide spread success of the contemporary circus productions of Cirque du Soleil.  Main stream media including dance television programs like ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’ and ‘Dance Moms’ have further fuelled it’s demand in amateur competitive dance and studio settings.

Acro is an especially challenging style for dancers to master as training in both dance and acrobatic elements is required.  Acro technique includes balancing, limbering, tumbling and partnering, based in flexibility, contortion and strength.

2015 Connectivity Dance Photos

Acro Tech

Mini Acro Tuesday 1:00-1:45

Primary Acro Friday 5:45-6:30

ACRO Tech 1/2 Friday 6:30-7:30

ACRO Tech 3 Monday 6:00-7:00

ACRO Tech 4/5 Monday 7:00-8:00

ACRO Tech 6/7 Friday 4:30-5:45

Competitive Performance Acro 

The Competitive Performance Acro program is based on skill level and instructor selection.  

Competitive requirement: 

1 Acro Tech class

1 Jazz and Ballet Performance or Tech class


Connectivity Dance is a certified the Acrobatic Arts System

Our Mission

To set the standard of excellence in education among dance instructors in order to promote technique and progression in Acrobatic Dance.

The Premise

We believe that proficient dance educators can be taught how to teach acro dance.  Great dance teachers already understand the artistic requirements and extension that dance demands, and can learn the progressions necessary to teach their students the skills fundamental to acro dance

The Demand

The increased popularity of mainstream media, including Cirque du Soleil and Dance Television has created a huge demand for acro dance teachers in studio settings.  This has caused some studio owners to hire unqualified instructors or gymnastics coaches (who don’t understand the art of acro, or how to perform the skills on a hard stage) to fill the void.

The Acrobatic Arts Solution

The Acrobatic Arts program provides easy progressions for dance students to follow.  Acrobatic Arts starts at the very beginning, we teach dancers everything they need to know about proper placement and technique so they will have the building blocks to progress safely and quickly from one level to the next.  Acrobatic Arts Teachers provide, hands-on spotting and progression to help dancers achieve a a higher understanding of proper movement pathways, greater skill confidence and become inspired to work to their best ability in each acro dance class.

The Benefits

Dancers who train through Acrobatic Arts have balanced development, are stronger, more flexible and fearless.

~ What to Wear ~

Studio Registration – #102, 4709-51 Ave, Leduc


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