The 2019/20 Season registration is Open!

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Dance Dance Resolution, January Jumpstart Jump Rope Intensive, Spring Into Dance and CDL PD Day Camps are currently open and accepting registrations 

If you were registered in the 2018/19 season, contact the studio if  you have not received a recommendation card. Please refer to the levels recommended for your child when completing your registration.  If administration feels the level may be incorrect, you will be contacted.  Should you have any questions please contact us.

 The ages listed serve as a guide.  Our class placings take into consideration prior experience as well as current skill level, syllabus achievement and class sizes.  

 If your child is new to CDL please choose a level based on age first.  If your child is an experienced dancer or you are unsure which level is right for them, please contact the studio and we will help you find the best fit for all genres currently available.  Students entering CDL from other schools, may require an instructor assessment to ensure enrolment in the most technically suitable class.

Once classes are formed, instructors may make different recommendations within the first month of classes if there is a more suitable level for your child or if classes need to be re-arranged due to overall level or class size.  Click on the age range below to see recommended classes for each age group.

Please Note:  Students entering the school after November 1st will be placed in a performance class or technical class if space is available.  As choreography has already started, costumes ordered and competitions entered, students beginning mid-way through the dance season will be provided an opening to a non-competitive class for the remaining weeks of the 2019/20 season.

Levels For 2019/20




#102, 4709-51 Ave, Leduc


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