Class Attire

  • 2015 Connectivity Dance PhotosDance builds a sense of pride as well as habits of self-discipline. Approach each class as if you were performing on stage.
  •  Hair pulled back out of your face into a BUN for BALLET & JAZZ.  Ponytails or braids are acceptable for all other classes.
  • No watches or jewellery (small stud earrings are acceptable for class only, not for performances)
  • Proper attire enables dancers to achieve the full range of movement and motion unique to their bodies.  Appropriate attire allows the instructor to observe proper technique, body movements, muscle use and alignment.
  • Dress codes build a team atmosphere within the class and reduces competition between dancers within a class.  Having all dancers in a uniformed look lessens any visual distractions for the instructor / choreographer.
  • Fitted dance sweaters or wraps are acceptable to begin class until the body is warm.  NO jeans or pants, loose fitting t-shirts, bulky sweaters or baggy pants. It is at the discretion of the instructor whether or not to permit a child to dance without proper dance wear.  To avoid any disappointment, please arrive prepared to dance in proper attire.
  • Water bottles highly are encouraged, with plain water, no colored sweeteners, sports drinks or juice. Gum, food, and candy are not allowed during class time. 
  • Please label all water bottles and attire. The Lost and Found is located on the stairs in the studio lobby.
  • ***Competitive Dancers*** Please wear MONDOR brand tights for competition.

Dance Duet & Just Me

Dance wear is not mandatory for children participating in Pre-Dance classes.  Form fitted clothing is recommended for young dancers and comfortable, easy to move in clothing for participating parents.  Bare feet, gymnastics or ballet slippers are all suitable. Dance wear may be worn if desired as it assists in seeing the proper pathways of even the youngest dancer’s movement.


Dance wear is not mandatory. Comfortable form fitted clothing is recommended.  All shoe recommendations are below.  If you already own shoes please do not feel obligated to purchase new ones until speaking with your instructor regarding performance potential.


  •  Pink Bloch or Sancha Ballet Slippers
  • (Canvas shoes required for Accelerate classes)
  • *Boys – Black Ballet Shoes
  • Mondor Ballet Pink Convertible tights – Style #319
  • Black Bodysuit –  strap style or tank style
  • No ballet skirts or tutus as they limit the visibility of the alignment of the hips.


  • Black Bloch Tap Shoes  ~ *TechnoTaps*
  • Mondor Light Tan Convertible tights – style#319
  • 2015 Connectivity Dance PhotosBlack Bodysuit –  strap style or tank style
  • Black Dance Shorts (optional)
  • Competitive dancers much have *Techno Taps*


  • Beige Elastic Bloch Jazz Shoes
  • *Boys – Black Elastic Bloch Jazz Shoes
  • Mondor Light Tan Tights – style#319
  • Black Bodysuit –  strap style, or tank style
  • Black Dance Shorts (optional)


  • Bare feet
  • Mondor Light Tan Cropped tights – style#318
  • Black Bodysuit –  strap style or tank style
  • Black Dance Shorts (optional)


  • Beige Elastic Bloch Jazz Shoes
  • Mondor Light Tan Convertible tights – Lyrical – style#319
  • Black Bodysuit –  strap style or tank style
  • Black Dance Shorts (optional)


  • Clean supportive running shoes
  • Black Bodysuit –  strap style or tank style
  • Black Dance Shorts or Capris


  • Bare feet
  • Black Bodysuit –  strap style or tank style
  • Black Dance Shorts



  • Grey CDL T-shirt
  • Black Shorts
  • Same shoes as listed above for style enrolled in, with the exception of Black Shoes for Jazz & Ballet

SKIPPING (Hop, Skip & Jump)

  • Orange Connectivity Skipper jersey – available through the studio
  • Grey Shorts
  • Socks
  • Properly fitting supportive lace-up running shoes or cross training shoes   ~ No skater shoes, crocs, sandals, flip-flops, boots or barefeet.  Rope Skipping Canada standards require proper footwear and socks for insurance purposes and skipper safety.  Students will not be able to participate without proper footwear.
  • Skipping ropes are included in all Hop & Skip programs
  • Advanced Freestyle and Speed ropes are available for purchase once skippers have achieved the required skills.  Advancing to a higher level rope too quickly may result in frustration for athletes.  Please speak with coaches prior to purchasing new ropes.
  • To Order a Connectivity Skipper Jersey “Click Here”


Where can I get the Required Dance Attire?


Required dance wear is available through The Edge in Dance in Leduc. See Aurora or Chynna for all your dancewear needs.


 If you have lightly used dance wear that you would like to sell, you can post your items on the CDL Dancewear Buy-N-Sell FB page  Items and Ads may also be brought to the studio and put in the “BUY & SELL” Box.  


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