Pricing & Policy

Tuition Rates for 2018/19 Season

Dance Duet (Parented)

  • 30 minutes           8 week session            $130
  • 30 minutes           Half Year                      $285
  • 30 minutes           Full Year                       $490

Click HERE for session dates

Just Me  (Optional Parent Observation)

  • 30 minutes           8 weeks                        $130
  • 30 minutes           Half Year                      $285
  • 30 minutes           Full Year                       $490

Click HERE for session dates

 FULL-YEAR Tution…. 

• A one-time annual CDL Member Fee of $35 will be applied to each registered student.

• A $45 Performance fee will be added to ALL Performance Classes.

• A $75 Festival fee will be added to ALL Festival Classes. *F

• A $100 Competitive fee will be added to ALL Competition Classes. *C

  An $85 Training fee will be added to All Skipping programs – Rope Skipping Alberta, Rope Skipping Canada and Alberta Rope Skipping Foundation memberships are included 

• Festival Entry Fees and Competition Entry Fees are not included in the initial fees and will added to accounts in November. Entry fees are estimated at $35-$50 per group dance**

• Accelerate Ballet, Accelerate Jazz and Acro Tech classes are Non-Performance and do not perform in our year-end recital. 

  Accelerate and Performance Ballet students with exam potential may be invited to participate in Ballet exams.  Exam fees are additional fees ranging from $40-$120 depending on the exam level.

• All Full Year Skipping and Dance Classes are expected to perform in the year-end recital.

• Member Registration, Performance, Festival and  Competitive fees are non-refundable.

~ GST  is not included in the Tuition Pricing below

~ Fees listed do not account for dancers registering in multiple classes or registering late.  Discounts or additional fees may apply, please contact the studio for your tuition estimate. 

~ Ask about the CDL COMPETITIVE CUBE Pricing for required competition classes and pre-competitive readiness. Commit to your training. Commit to your Future in dance. Enrol in the Competitive Cube to be eligible in all Competitive opportunities and the CDL Company Receive $100 off of each Accelerate Class.

Online Registration


  • 30 minutes                  Half Year                       $285
  • 30 minutes                  Full Year                        $490


  • 30 minutes                  Full Year                        $490
  • 45 minutes                   Full Year                       $540

•A $45 Performance fee will be added to ALL Performance Classes.

•A $75 Festival fee will be added to ALL Festival Classes. *F


  • 60 minutes                    Full Year           $575
  • 75 minutes                    Full Year           $595
  • 90 minutes                    Full Year           $620

•A $45 Performance fee will be added to ALL Performance Classes.

•A $75 Festival fee will be added to ALL Festival Classes. *F

•A $100 Competitive fee will be added to ALL Competition Classes. *C


  • 60 minutes                    Full Year           $575       Half Year $285     10 weeks $175  Drop-in $18
  • 90 minutes                    Full Year           $595                 10 weeks $215
  •   Registration fee applies to initial registration
  • Click HERE for session dates


Professional Development and Tech Programs

Accelerate  / Acro Tech 30 Minutes ~    $365

Accelerate  / Acro Tech 45 Minutes ~    $395

Accelerate / Acro Tech 60 Minutes ~     $420

Accelerate / Acro Tech 75 Minutes ~     $465

Accelerate / Acro Tech 90 Minutes ~     $530

*Accelerate includes non-performance Ballet, Pre-Pointe and Jazz classes*

Competitive Fees – Click here

CDLC ~ Company

~ Choreography in up to 4 Large Group Dances ~ by Audition only

  • CDLC Member fee $100.  
  • All approved dances $100 per dance.  
  • Program includes costume fees.
  • Competition Entry Fees not included.


Connectivity Skippers Programming                  Connectivity Skippers Logo Cropped

Hop            60 minutes              10 weeks               $150       *Saturday Only*

Skip 1         60 minutes              Full Year               $415

Skip 2         90 minutes              Full Year               $515

Jump          Full Program   (6 hours per week)    $900

 An $85 Training fee will be added to All Skipping programs – programs include Provincial and National body memberships. 

Competitive Entry fees not included


  • The Member Registration fee is Non-Refundable upon program registration.
  • A 10% or $175 per class deposit  is required upon registration prior to the participant’s start of classes.  Payment arrangements for the remaining balance are to be made with CDL administration.

  • Refunds are not offered on partial-year sessions, weekly sessions, drop-ins or special promotions.
  •  Refunds on Full Year Registration (less the Member Registration fee and ) will be granted to anyone wishing to cancel their registration prior to the start of the season,  if notice in writing is given a minimum of one week before the season start date of September 8, 2018.   A withdraw fee of $50 will be imposed.
  • Performance fees, Festival fees, Competitive fees and Exam fees are non-refundable once the season has commenced.
  • Refunds on unused tuition will be approved within the first 3 weeks of the dance season.  As of October 1, 2018, all fees for the season are considered final and due.
  • Refunds on the unused portion of Full Year Tuition will only be considered for : Serious Injury, as a direct result of participating in weekly classes and must be  accompanied by a doctor’s note.  In such cases, written notice of a minimum 30 days, outlining with proof the nature of the withdraw is required from the registered family prior to student’s withdrawal from classes in order to receive the balance of the tuition fee, less all non-refundable fees and withdraw fees.  All withdraws are subject to a $50 processing fee. Withdrawn accounts must be paid in full within 30 days of receipt of final statement.
  • Tuition fees are based on a set number of classes and programming expenses from September to June and do not correspond to the number of weeks in any one month.  For your convenience, tuition fees for full season registration may be divided into 6, 8 or 10 monthly instalments by way of post-dated cheque or monthly E-mail reminders for E-transfers and debit payments.
  • Please ensure payments are arranged with CDL administration by September 15th, 2018.  Payments are due on the 1st or 15th of the month.
  • All account payments are to be received to the Administration desk.  Instructors are not responsible to accept member payments.
  • Unless otherwise arranged with the Owner, accounts for the 2018/19 season must be paid in full by March 15, 2019.  A Late Penalty of 10% per month on the balance owing at March 20, 2019 will apply to past due accounts until the account is paid.
  • Outstanding accounts are subject to suspension of classes, performances, festivals, competitions, exams or events, until the outstanding amount is paid in full or arrangements have been honoured.
  • No refunds or rescheduled classes will be offered for student absences.  Student absence is not an indication of class withdraw.
  • The studio reserves the right to cancel classes due to instructor illness or emergency and inclement weather.  In such a case, efforts will be made to reschedule classes cancelled by the studio when possible.
  • There is a $35.00 service charge on NSF cheques and declined payments.


  • Accepted Methods of Payment:
  •  Cash
  •  Cheque payable to Connectivity Dance Ltd.
  •  E-Transfer to
  • Debit
  • Visa / MasterCard ~ 3.5% transaction fee applies to Credit Card payments
  • CDL Full and Half year programs qualify for Jump Start, Creative Culture Connections and Kid Sport Funding.  The next funding session opens July 15, 2018. All Jumpstart forms must now be completed online.  The studio can no longer accept paper applications.
    Apply for KidSport
Jumpstart Logo

Apply for Jumpstart






Fundraising at Connectivity Dance is an optional program provided for parents to help off-set dance fees ~ tuition, dance wear, workshops, intensives, competitions, and

events! Any Fundraising Credits will be applied directly to your Personal Dance Account and must be used within 18 months of issue. Fundraising credits cannot be paid out as cash. If a student is withdrawn, credits will be applied to any remaining fees; and remaining credits forfeited upon withdrawal. Refunds and exchanges on damaged items will only be considered on fundraising items within 24 hours of receipt of items, or as per the terms of the refund policy of the specific Fundraiser. Fundraising orders must be confirmed with volunteers prior to leaving the building and are the responsibility of the participant from that point.


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