4 years


Annie Dance 2


Just Me – Tuesday 10:30-11:00  – 8 weeks / Non-Performance
Mini 1 Ballet – Tuesday 11:00-11:30
Mini 1 Ballet – Wednesday 4:00-4:30
Mini 2 Ballet – Wednesday 11:45-12:30
Mini 2 Ballet – Wednesday 4:00-4:30
Mini Jazz – Wednesday 1:00-1:30
Mini Jazz – Friday 5:00-5:30
Mini  Tap – Friday 4:30-5:00
Mini Hip Hop – Wednesday 4:00-4:30
Mini Rotation – Tuesday 11:30-12:00 (Hip Hop / Tap /  Jazz)
Mini Acro – Tuesday 1:00-1:45
Primary Acro – Friday 5:45-6:30
Hop – Thursday 5:00-5:30
Hop – Saturday 9:15-9:45
Ballet is a longstanding recommendation to start in Dance to begin a strong foundation of dance skills and class etiquette.  However in recent years as more options become available it is hard to choose where to begin.
 If your child just “loves to dance” try finding some clips on YouTube of Primary or Beginner Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Acro.  Allow your child to watch the videos and see if a specific style peaks her/his interest and start there.  
You may also wish to bring your child to try a class first at our


  • Pricing below includes Registration, Tuition, Performance Fee and applicable taxes.  Fees may be paid in 6, 8 or 10 payments between July and March.  All fees are due by March 15, 2020.
  • Pricing is for 1 class only, multiple classes may qualify for a discount.
  • The dance season runs September to June
  • Additional fees may include: Competition Entry fees, Exam Entry Fees, Optional workshops, Photos, Show Dvd, Show Tickets, Dance Apparel.
8 Week Dance Duet/ Just Me ~         $135
8 Week Hip Hop/Rotation ~              $165
30 minute Performance ~                 $540
45 minute Performance ~                 $585
30 minute Technique Only ~            $395
“Performance” Includes participation in a year end show the weekend of June 6 & 7, 2020.   All member registration, performance fees and taxes where applicable are additional to the  fees listed above.  Please log-in or create a Parent Dance Account to view fees.  Pending discounts are applied manually through the dance office.
Ballet – Combining ballet concepts with creative ideas to introduce children to dance.  Children will gain knowledge of basic floor patterns and an awareness of basic ballet terms, which, they will build on in the future.  Pointing and flexing the feet, bending and stretching the knees, jumps and butterfly arms are a few things to look forward to. Laban creative concepts and fundamental body movements and patterning will be explored.  The Junior Grades syllabus of the Edmonton School of Ballet is implemented at this level.
Tap – Tap is a great class to introduce rhythm and floor patterning to children.  One of the most challenging dance styles for young children to learn but one of the most fun…it’s all about the shoes!  CDL Tap is taught from a foundation of the Al Gilbert Method and incorporates Body Movement Fundamentals to help children develop tap skills easily in a natural progression.
Hip Hop – This class provides an aerobic workout through choreography focusing on level changes, floor work, hard hitting hip hop elements and various styles and themes. Instructors are focused on precision and accuracy of the movements given. They will push their students to let loose and have fun with the hip hop choreography while maintaining the proper technique. With many different styles and dance combinations, Hip Hop is sure to please any dancer and any age.
Rotation –  This class gives dancers a bit of everything.  Perfect for the child who “loves to dance” but doesn’t know if they prefer tutus or tap shoes.  Genres are rotated every 8-10 weeks to give dancers the opportunity to try it all.
Studio Registration – #102, 4709-51 Ave, Leduc



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