RSA Competitions and Workshops

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2017 Judges WORKSHOPS

Central Judges Clinic ~ October 28 & 29 ~ Leduc
 2017 Athlete Summit
Wetaskiwin ~ October 13-15


Team Competition ~  February 3  ~ hosted by Ignite, Fort Saskatchewan

Masters Competition ~  March 3 ~ hosted by Jump Crew, Calgary

Provincials Championships ~ April 7-8, 2018 ~ hosted by Camrose Spirals, Augustana Campus

RSA AGM – April 7 2018

National Championships ~ May 18-21 ~ Hosted by ORSO ~ Windsor, Ontario 

*Please note Competitition entry and coaches fees are additional*

*Fundraising opportunities will be available throughout the season*





Our competitive team athletes and parent judges will be preparing for Provincials coming up in Camrose in April.  Each year we have our own club parents come in to judge our skippers as they would at a regular competition.  We would like to invite ALL skippers to come watch and cheer on the athletes!  

Skippers interested in competition next season may also join our mini competition if desired. Skip 1 & 2 athletes may join the competition in the events listed below that coaches feel they may be ready to attempt at this time.  This competition is for fun and preparation.  Our goal with our athletes is to always strive for Personal Bests and not about comparing our scores with others.  This competition not only prepares our our team, but is also informative for any newer skippers, who may not be able to cheer us on at an RSA annual competition.  Parents may also see how competitions are run and see the different areas of volunteering.

Location: Leduc Rec Centre – Court C

10:00-11:00 – Open Practice: ALL Level 1 & Level 2 Skippers  invited.  

This will be the make-up session for classes missed.  

11:00-11:30 – Competitive Warm-up/review : ALL Competitive Team skippers and any Skip 1 or Skip 2 skippers who will be joining any competitive events that day.  Competitive Team skippers who require more warm-up time may arrive as early as 10:00 am.

A more detailed schedule will be provided at practice this evening. 

11:30 – Speed and Power events Begin

        Masters Events U10 – 11/12 – 13/14 

        Team Events U10 – 11/12 – 13/14 

Break to follow Speed & Power

1:00 –  Freestyle events Begin

         Masters Events U10 – 11/12 – 13/14 

        Team Events U10 – 11/12 – 13/14 

Judges review following Freestyle events

Potential competitive events for Skip 1 and Skip 2 athletes

Masters – 30 second Speed – scored on a “running step”  Judges click each time the jumper jumps the right foot without a miss

Masters – 3 minute Endurance  – scored on a “running step”  Judges click each time the jumper jumps the right foot without a miss

Masters – Power  – scored on “Double Unders” Judges click each consecutive double under without a miss

Masters Freestyle routine – minimum 30 second routine may include any skills the jumper can successfully achieve, choreographer to music.  Many Skip 2 jumpers have been working on routines which would be suitable for this event.  Skip 1 jumpers may use demo routines i.e.:Cotton Eyed Joe as their Masters routine.

If your skipper would like to try any of the events, please let us know.  We will be bringing extra supplies, so even if they are there watching an decide in the moment to try, we can accommodate them.

 There is no obligation to compete next season if skippers participate.  This event is completely optional designed for experience and fun and personal bests.  Spectators are welcome.

 Come cheer on the team and learn more about the sport of Jump Rope! 


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