All Rehearsals and Shows will take place at the

Maclab Centre for the Performing Arts in Leduc

2020 Rehearsal Notice ~ TBA

Only the classes listed are required for a rehearsal

Rehearsal Volunteer Sign-up HERE

Connectivity Event Details


All schedules will be posted in the studio lobby or click the link below. Find your child’s class on one of the sheets – that is the show they will be dancing in.  The times noted on the schedules are your child’s regular class time to help you identify the correct class.  The performance time is listed at the top of the sheet.  All shows and corresponding information are colour coded.

Please ask questions if you are unsure

2020 Show #1 Notice

Saturday June 6, 2020 @  1:00pm

 Volunteer Sign-Up Show #1 


2020 Show #2 Notice

Saturday June 6, 2020 @ 5:00pm

  Volunteer Sign-Up Show #2 


2020 Show #3 Notice

 Sunday June 7, 2020 @ 1:00pm

 Volunteer Sign-Up Show #3 

 Performers are expected to arrive ready in their regular class attire with Hair and Makeup complete as they were for photos.  Performer Call/Sign-in time is 1 hour prior to the show start time.  

If your dancer is in Multiple dances in any show you will receive an email indicating which dance to arrive ready for.

Performance Details 2020 – ALL CDL CLASSES – TBA

Please take note of which show your child is performing in as there are NO REFUNDS on tickets with the TicketPro system.  The ticketing for the show is handled through the venue, not the studio.

Please be aware that students and families in multiple classes may be dancing in all 3 shows.


Online (Personal or Pre-Paid credit card only) – TICKET PRO

In Person (cash/debit) – Leduc Chamber of Commerce

Advanced Tickets $18.00

At the Door $20.00

If you require assisted or disability seating for your guests please notify the studio prior to APRIL 15, 2020.

Please note, there are NO seating restrictions.  Specific seating may be selected at time of purchase if ordering from a computer.  Seat selection is not available via SmartPhones and other mobile devices.  Please ensure you have selected the proper venue – Maclab Centre for the Performing Arts in Leduc, prior to purchasing your tickets.  Tickets may be scanned from a device at the door, however printed tickets allow for quicker theatre entry.

Tickets will be open to the public.

Please do not delay in ordering tickets 

 If you require assistance, please contact the studio.

Please note: As per Theatre Fire & Safety Regulations ALL audience members require a ticket.  $5 under 5 tickets are available for all spectators under 5yrs – tickets will be checked at the door.

Shows typically run a minimum of 2.0 hours in length, please anticipate a 3 hour time commitment. The Recital is part of the dance experience.  We expect all students to stay for the duration of the of the event.  Dancers will be entertained in the backstage area for the entire show and do not require a ticket for the show they perform in.  As this is a live theatre performance we expect all audience members out of respect to our performers to enjoy the full show.

1 Parent Volunteer per class is required for ALL SHOWS  for gym supervision for the following levels.

 Mini 1 ~ Mini 2 ~ Primary 1 ~ Primary 2 ~  Novice 1 ~ All Boy Hip Hop – Skip 1

We also require additional assistance to fulfill our child:adult ratio for our facility booking.

Parents who are volunteering for a show do not require a ticket for the show they volunteer at and may watch their child perform from backstage or assigned seats.  Volunteers are required to arrive 15 minutes earlier than the call time and stay for the duration of the show.  Alternatively volunteering for the opposite show your child is in, allows you to enjoy the performance from the audience and still lend a hand when your child is not dancing.

Please be advised that due to theatre copyright and child privacy, Photography and/or Videography is not permitted within the theatre or backstage.  Removal from the show can be anticipated if this rule is broken.  We take our performer’s privacy seriously and respect parents who do not which their child to be posted on social media.  Eyelight Photography will be onsite to provide a video of all dances.


Dance Jackets, Dance Bags, Flower Bouquet and Candy Boxes and Dancer Relaxation Bucket orders for “Dancer Gifts” will be accepted up until 1 week prior to the show ~ Friday May 29.  If you would like your dance wear item embroidered we must receive your order no later than MAY 15, 2020.  Items may be ordered at the reception desk or via email.   Orders must be paid prior to the show.

All Photography taken during the CDL Photo Days will be posted online and on display at the show in the lobby

 Photography inquiries may be directed to 

EyeLight Photography

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